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So, What Makes You Happy in Travel?

So, What Makes You Happy in Travel?


Now, this is one question, you should know before you travel.  And that is a very important question which you should answer no  matter what. You might think it weird, but it is true, because then the adventure you are going to take part would not touch your being.

We are all here in this world searching for something fulfilling and its not same for all. My favourite place is sitting by a small brook under the shade of the tree, with my legs dipped in the water letting the small fishes eat, with a romantic book to read and something to munch and sip. But my family would ask, “Are you crazy? What is there in a brook. So ….. now you understand, all people are not alike.

So decide, what makes you happy and what makes others happy and check for the places, which caters to both yours and your family’s need or get the service of a travel agency, so that they can help you out on that score and easier to plan.

Then bring a balance to the places you plan to visit. So that the whole family gets to fulfill their wishes easily along with yours. And that would help you get fond memories of the tour.

Now the next thing you should be aware of is, how much you should spend. That is another issue. Which we can talk about, next day.


See you soon.


Take care.



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